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Thru-U.com’s Electrical Maintenance training program is designed to provide you with theory, best practices, and techniques to familiarize you with essential electrical maintenance processes and procedures.  Users are provides with a comprehensive overview designed to provide them with a working knowledge of techniques in control and maintenance and safety operations of various types of standard electrical equipment.  The course covers most key aspects of electrical maintenance and related benefits.

Also included within this training are the basic concepts of residential and commercial electrical installation and principles of site management.  The course provides significant detail on electrical circuit design and protection concepts.  Users will have interactive exercises throughout training to reinforce these concepts in the safety of the online environment.    The course also introduces uses to new, innovative approaches of fault finding, maintenance, testing and troubleshooting of electric motors as well as protection techniques.  The Thru-U.com online training mentor also provides detailed discussion and thought analysis on concepts involving circuit breaking and types of circuit breaker. This course also covers inspection and cleaning of circuit breakers. Earthing techniques, types of faults and their effects, effects of inadequate earthing and inspection. Finally, the course will cover power quality, issues with the power quality, and the role of UPS in maintaining power quality, installation and maintenance of UPS.



  • Electrical Installation Overview
  • Residential Electrical Installation
  • Commercial Electrical Installation
  • Site Management
  • Electrical Circuit Design & Protection
  • Earthing & Bonding
  • Cable & Equipment Installation Techniques
  • A.C. & D.C. Electric Motor Theory and Practice
  • Electric Motor Control & Protection Techniques
  • Air, Steam, Water & Ancillary Equipment
  • Electrical Energy Metering & Tariffs
  • Periodic Installation Testing
  • Power Factor Correction

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